heroinne addict


Words by Shannon Fought

One response to “heroinne addict

  1. Interesting.

    I saw it differently. I, perhaps due to my own narcissism, saw the addict as the heroinne…. the lone survivor, wise and compassionate beyond her years for all she has seen.

    But you have her carried, strapped in bondage, her weight completey supported by the work of another to whom she is dependant for her very life, she is anonymous, simply a statistic amongst many others in her same situation. The HERO is he who carries her (cape and all)!!

    Interesting indeed.

    I would guess then that you have some experience with it…. heroin I mean. Maybe a friend (girlfriend?), from whose side you witnessed addiction from a unromanticized perspective?

    Or perhaps you just over-thought it….. long and hard, possibly even obscured by a pre-concieved notion of pity and/or dislike and therefore unable to see the gritty, dirty, sparkly side of it? That which she, trapped and bound in heroin, metamorphoses divinely into a perfect heroinne. You know….. “the road of excess leads to the temple of enlightenment”.

    It’s a long long road, but it does indeed wind up there…… for the few who last that long.

    In any case, I like it. I REALLY wish you had the color version available for sale.

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